Monterey Airbus

Testimonials for our Monterey Shuttle Service

Your input regarding our Monterey Airbus airport shuttle is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Monterey Airbus is a very good means of transportation to SFO. It was very convenient, the price is fair, the driver was a gentleman, the bus was very clean, they offered water, they provide free WiFi that works great, and they were ON TIME. I'm also happy that it was in a larger van than what is shown in the photo. It was convenient and I couldn't have been more pleased."

Millard Z.

I have used the Monterey Airbus to take me to and from SJC and SFO Airports for years. I have never been disappointed with the service and how safe and secure you feel that you'll never be let down by them. The price is super reasonable too.
Cruz was my driver on the way to SF last week. He was friendly and kind and played some kick ass tunes on our drive up. I was singing along all the way."

Yamona S.

Excellent on time service, seamless online reservation system, friendly, professional staff. Definitely my go to for Transportation for Monterey/SF Bay Area ."

Tracey L.

Efficient, on time, easy to use. I needed to get to SFO last week and I remembered the Monterey Airbus from when I lived in the area. The bus showed up on time, I paid the driver (Paul) whom provided amazing service and we were on our way. With traffic, we made it to SFO timely and he tried to hurry to get me to my flight on time."

Lerue C.

Trying to find a way between SFO & Monterey? Or SJC & Monterey? Or even SFO & SJC?! Welllll... this is your best bet! I used the Monterey Salinas Shuttle to travel between SFO & Monterey roundtrip. Yes, it was not cheap. But it was also very convenient. And saved me a lot of time! Roundtrip between SFO & Monterey was $90. I booked my reservation online. It was super easy and quick. The ride down was smooth. We made a stop at SJC to pick up the San Jose people along the way to Monterey. I was at my destination in just a little over two hours (with traffic on the 101). Coming back up to SFO had a few more passengers on the bus but we still got back just in time. If you are looking for transportation, and are willing to dish out a little more cash, this is your best bet between SFO, SJC & Monterey!"

Mari S.

Have used their services twice now. While out of the country, not having to call long distance to make reservations is a plus, and when my flight was delayed, I called in and the operator ensured me that a spot was available on the next ride.
...between SJC airport and SFO airport, nobody come close to what these guys have to offer."

Derek L.

Great online booking system! Excellent customer service even though I had to cancel my trip. Will definitely use this company in the future.
...between SJC airport and SFO airport, nobody come close to what these guys have to offer."

Tina O.

Very easy to book a trip. I rode from SFO to Monterrey (and back again a few days later), and the entire experience was as smooth as silk. The drivers were professional, efficient and skilled. The bus used was small, but the seats were comfortable. The real bonus is how stupidly cheap it is when compared with a car rental, puddle-jumper plane ride, Greyhound bus ticket or the rail-bus combinations. This is by far the BEST option for getting between San Francisco/San Jose and Monterrey!"

Megan C.

If you don't have a car and need to get to Monterey (CA), this is probably the most sedate way to go. Monterey Shuttle is (miraculously) faster than driving yourself from SJC or SFO! Almost anyone who's lived in Monterey for any time will confirm this! It's a little on the pricey side, but lots more convenient and reliable than Amtrak... Vans leave regularly from downtown Monterey and stop off in Salinas, SJC and SFO. I took Monterey Salinas Shuttle all the time when I was in grad school with no car and the Fella was living in San Jose with a not-so-reliable car. If it's good enough for me, it's probably good enough for you, too."

Kri B.