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Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats

We know just how stressful travel can be, whether you're traveling alone or with a little one. And Monterey Airbus wants to help make traveling a little less stressful for families. That’s why Monterey Airbus offers child safety seats as an option for all of our Monterey Bay shuttle services. Your and your family's safety is our main concern. Not every car service offers child safety seats, making our Airbus services the best way to travel in Southern California.

We use a safe, easy to install child safety seat for our shuttles in Monterey. The reason we provide child seats for our shuttles is because your family’s safety is our utmost concern. We know how difficult it is to travel on planes with a car seat, and what happens if the airline loses your seat? You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your kids from the airport or about carrying your own seat on the plane. The last thing you want is for the airline to lose your child seat and be stranded at the airport! You can rely on us to get your family where they need to go.

While, we do provide child car seats in Monterey, you must notify us in advance. You can select a child safety seat in our online reservation system or call us for more details. We can discuss availability and what will work best for your child’s size. Monterery Airbus offers a selection of child car seats, infant car seats, and booster seats... and we have an option that works best for you. And remember to reserve your child safety seat in advance.

Order a child seat with your online shuttle reservation or call Monterey Airbus today – 1(831)373-7777